What is The Hub anyway?

A note from the editor on what we’re all about

It’s true what they say about California. People here really are very open.

The Hub hosted its first event at Rocketspace, a tech accelerator in San
Francisco, where I arrived from New York only last week. By the end of the day
I had spoken with over a dozen startups, a handful of marketing and
communication managers and several would-be entrepreneurs who were just hanging
around Rocketspace looking to meet like minded people. Each one of them sounded
excited about their technology and their work. They were more than willing to
share not just their own stories but also advice on the move to San Francisco.
It was an evening spent with folks who were all great communicators.

The most successful companies are, more often than not, the best
communicators. Traditionally, that meant carefully managing the message about
products, mission statements and performance. Nowadays, its more about being a
contributing member of a social ecosystem that is populated by the company, the
customer, the media and the dizzying array of technology that connects all of

That’s where we come in. We want to tell you how companies are
communicating. We want to show you the tools they are using and the lessons
that can be learned as we all navigate the new, digital marketing landscape. One
of the hallmarks of this new era is the advent of Big Data. The decisions
companies make are less likely to be made on the gut instinct of managers but
the truths revealed through the vast amount of data they now have at their
disposal. It’s a paradigm shift from Mad Men to Math Men and we’ll be there to
show you who’s doing it best.

Although The Hub will be reporting mainly on tech companies, our coverage
will not be restricted to them. We will, however, focus on innovation, which
can come from any field in any city, not just San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

While there are plenty of blogs and news sites that do a fantastic job of
covering technology (and indeed we’ll be linking to many of them on our own
site) we’ll be looking at these companies through the prism of marketing communication.
Every company has a story to tell the VC’s who fund them, the governments that
regulate them and the customers who buy their products. We want to tell you how
they do it.

It takes a startup to know a startup, and that’s very much how we aim to
operate. I hope to report on this very exciting technology scene from the
inside out. Speaking of inside out, we’ll be giving you exclusive insights from
the minds of some of the top digital communicators in the tech world who will
be blogging regularly for us. And if you’ve got an interesting insight into the
world we’re covering, or if there’s something you think we should be doing, get
in touch and we’ll give you an opportunity to write for us.

There’s never been a better time for companies looking to find not just a
customer base but an audience. With all the digital tools at their disposal,
it’s almost too much information and too many options. I hope we’ll be the ones
you turn to everyday to get the news you need for the digital decisions you’ll


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