What is Active Active Clustering and Why Did It Just Get Cheaper?

TmaxSoft, a provider of infrastructure software, announced a collaboration with Red Hat that it’s CEO promises will shake up the database market and make marketers piloting database management platforms very happy.

Red Hat, a leading distributor of Linux open-source operating systems, will now offer TmaxSoft’s Tibero database management system, the only such system outside of Oracle’s to provide active active clustering. Sounds redundant? That’s the point.

Active active clustering is software that essentially harnesses computers running the same operations in tandem. Should one system fail, the database automatically switches over to the other “cluster.” Imagine you’re a huge retailer dispatching a few million holiday offers on Thanksgiving when all of a sudden your email database drops out. That’s when you need active active clustering.

“We’re in a bit of a rarefied space because the only other vendor that offers this technology is Oracle, and if you’re not a large enterprise that invests a lot in IT, it’s an expensive proposition,” says TmaxSoft CEO Joshua Yulish.

Yulish says that cloud-based active active clustering can now be had by marketers at SMBs for about half what it would cost through Oracle, and with no major rewrites.Companies can purchase it directly from TmaxSoft or through value-added resellers, as well as from Red Hat.

More than a thousand customers globally use Tibero, according to Yulish, who says this represents a big push for the product in the U.S.

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