What does Twitter’s new TV ad targeting mean for marketers?

Marketers can now cash in on the attention their TV ads are getting by following up with a targeted ad on Twitter. The new product launched yesterday, with an announcement on the company blog saying it was available to all advertisers running a national television campaign. 

This is how it would work, let’s say for example Doritos debuts a new commercial during a prime time show, or a widely watched sporting event . Twitter will then track people who are watching the show or event through analyzing mentions and hashtags, establishing an audience of who is most likely to have seen the ad. Companies can then deliver a one-two punch of advertising to this audience with a promoted tweet, links to buy products or additional video ads, on Vine or Instagram.

Twitter says this kind of follow up advertising is highly effective. Writing for the blog, Mike Fleischman, product manager at Twitter says, “Twitter’s Nielsen studies say the combo deliver 95% stronger message association and 58% higher purchase intent than TV ads alone.”

This could radically change Twitter’s reputation for being a difficult place for advertisers. We recently posted a study showing that Twitter ranked below average when it came to creating customer loyalty. By reinforcing the brand, first through a high impact visual on video and then following up with personalized text ads, companies have a real opportunity to create brand advocates on social media. And they can always measure the impact of their efforts using a new set of analytics provided by Twitter TV Ads Dashboard. The data is all there, it remains to be seen just how innovative companies will be in using the new advertising tool.

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