What Are Your Customer #RelationshipGoals?

Want to know what everyone is talking about? Just turn to Twitter. Yesterday, for instance, the hashtag #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words was trending.

Some people took a more sentimental approach to the conversation.

Others sent more humorous tweets.

Even some brands got in on the action.

In marketing, no relationship is more important than the one marketers have with their customers. So I asked four loyalty experts to sum up the ultimate relationship goals marketers should aim to have with their customers. Check out their #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words on the following pages.

Engagement. Loyalty. Mutual Satisfaction.

“Engagement is all! It informs a marketer how well a brand meets consumers’ expectations and is what a marketer needs to do to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Loyalty because it is a leading indicator of profitability, and consumers are six times more likely to behave positively toward the brand.

Mutual satisfaction because the consumer is looking for primacy of product or service, and the marketer is looking to make money.”

– Robert Passikoff, founder and president, Brand Keys Inc.

*Note: This first one is technically four words—but we’ll let it slide.

Mutual Value Exchange.

“Loyalty programs are predicated on the idea of a mutual exchange of value. The value for the business is a better understanding of customers in order to improve their sales, margins, and operational efficiency. Customers agree to let companies track and analyze their purchasing data in exchange for additional recognition and rewards.”

– Jeff Berry, research director, COLLOQUY

Simplicity. Listening. Aligned.

“[These words are] based on our many conversations with brands—the ones that have measurable deeper relationships [and] loyalty with their clients all have strong ability [or] propensity in those areas. Yet, they can be quite challenging as listening is [an] active and two-way value exchange, and simplicity is ever more challenging in the data-driven world we live in.”

– Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO, Loyalty 360

Customer Experience Focus

“Companies and brands overly focus on price and product availability, but those are table stakes. The overall customer experience is the key, and customer service is the true differentiator. Investment in a quality customer experience can yield a long-term benefit of deep customer loyalty, which is a competitive advantage in a landscape where consumers would otherwise follow the lowest price. A March survey shows that approximately half of 2,500 U.S. consumers polled reported experiencing a problem on their last shopping trip. Of those customers, 81% decided not to contact the retailer about the issue. Among these silent shoppers, 32% said they were unlikely to recommend the retailer to friends and family, putting these shoppers at risk of decreasing their spend with the retailers. A dysfunctional customer experience can be detrimental to the customer relationship and risk significant retail losses.”

– Dennis Armbruster, LoyaltyOne Consulting VP and managing partner

We’d love to know, what are your customer #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @dmnews or @DMNreporter.

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