What are the best methods for increasing diversity at a digital marketing company?

Digital marketing demands a sophis­ticated work force: business systems analysts, database developers, statis­ticians, graphic designers and client service professionals. To hire top talent in these diverse areas, you need to cast a wide net – and diversity hiring needs to be a key part of your talent acquisition strategy.

Your clients build their brand in the marketplace, and you should as well. Your employer brand is a promise made to candidates about the work experience. HR and marketing should collaborate on Web site content, col­lateral and communication plans to communicate the firm’s culture and values to potential hires.

Strong companies embrace a diverse work force and new ideas, and your clients want to work with profession­als representing unique perspectives. If you’re a leader, encourage this approach and drive home the mes­sage and culture.

Good people know other good peo­ple, often tapping into organizations that aren’t on your list. So, sell your employee referral program early and often. New hires are highly energized and want to share their experiences. Their diverse network of personal and professional connections is powerful.

Become active with diversity-based organizations on campus. Student orga­nizations are eager to hear from recruit­ers. A lunch or an information session is a low-cost, high-touch way to engage talented students. A recent AHANA (African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American) event in which Epsilon participated at Boston College attracted more than 150 attendees.

Targeting diverse candidates has never been easier with today’s tech­nology. With all the tools and resources available you can advertise through multiple channels and work with major job boards on direct e-mail campaigns targeting diverse job seekers.

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