Wendy’s targets bargoers with digital music spots

Hoping to catch the hungry, late-night bar and nightclub crowd, the fast food chain Wendy’s has partnered with in-venue digital music provider Ecast.

“We think this fits in perfectly with our late-night business, but all through the day as well,” said Bob Bertini, direc­tor of communications for Wendy’s. “Music is something that is highly rel­evant to younger consumers who are a key target audience for us.”

MediaVest, Wendy’s media agency of record, worked with Ecast on the “Core Burger” campaign, which is running in 5,100 US bars and nightclubs with­in one mile of a Wendy’s restaurant, according to George Giatzis, SVP of advertising sales for Ecast.

“For the fast food category, this is a perfect opportunity to inspire people who are out in the bars having cock­tails with friends,” Giatzis said. Ecast’s research indicates that nearly half of these users will stop and get something to eat on the way home from the bar.

Through DoubleClick, geo-target­ing for specific locations is available, Giatzis said. The address for the nearest Wendy’s restaurant displays and other locations can be found by ZIP code.

When people are not interacting with the music player, a video ad for Wen­dy’s, showing burgers sizzling, is played on the device, Giatzis said.

Wendy’s first partnered with Ecast in January when they launched a “Stack Attack” double cheeseburger campaign, Bertini said.

“We’re certainly intrigued by the idea of reaching out to our customers in a different, unusual and engaging way,” he said.

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