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Welcome to Social Media Week

In the run-up to the eighth annual Social Media Day — Friday June 30 — DMN turns its laser gaze on social media from a marketing perspective.

A world where Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all those channels, don’t form a central part of our lives, and a central part of brand’s marketing plans, now seems inconceivable. And yet it all seems to have happened so fast. If you want to put your finger on why social really matters to marketing — not to mention sales and service — it’s the means by which consumers seized control over their commercial lives. If we’ve seen a dramatic shift from a brand-driven to a consumer-driven economy, the chief reason is that social media gave consumers a powerful virtual dashboard; a powerful voice.

The first responsibility for brands now is simply…listen. First listen, then engage. Also, lose the habit of trying to control the conversation. Whether it’s national or local government, banks or insurance companies, real estate or manufacturing, travel or hospitality or CPGs, business is social today. What does that mean?

This week, we’ll take a look at the state of social from a number of perspectives.  We’ll compare the marketing potential of some of the most popular channels. We’ll update our understanding of social media management. We’ll hear how AI is enhancing the power of social. We’ll make connections between content and social.

All this and more: Come along for the ride.

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