Welcome to eCommerce Week

Is it time to bid farewell to the whole concept of eCommerce?  With in-store visits driving mobile purchases, webpages driving traffic to mobile ads, and customers moving easily and even thoughtlessly between physical and digital channels, we seem to be entering an era when all commerce (and all marketing) is — in some respects, anyway — eCommerce (and “e” or digital marketing).

If we’re connected all the time and everywhere, through our mobile devices, and increasingly by digital voice control, one reason is that much of our environment is…well, “electronic.” 

That seems a very outdated term now, but of course it’s the “e” in eCommerce; another reason it might be time to put the term to sleep. Consider: Just how digital is your domestic environment? Right now, you might already be using voice control to switch the lights on and off, make purchases, and order dinner. You might use a mobile device to control heat or air-conditioning remotely. Does this mean you live in an “electronic” home?

It doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily, does it? But we do — most of us, anyway — live digital lives. An important part of that life is, simply, buying stuff, whether it be consumer goods, or travel tickets, or hotel rooms. That phenomenon is with us to stay. As long as nobody breaks the Internet, anyway.

So here we are with a themed week of articles on eCommerce. You’ll be finding out about how brands faced up to eCommerce challenges and overcame them, both in blogs, and in an eCommerce webinar on Friday. We hope you enjoy following along.

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