Welcome to Artificial Intelligence Week

Two of my favorite quotes on this topic:

  • “This is nothing less than the largest business opportunity — or challenge — since the industrial revolution.“ (Paul Roehrig, Chief Strategy Officer, Cognizant Digital Business)
  • “If you do it with a template today, a machine does it without you tomorrow.” (Chris Penn, VP of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications).

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Cognitive Computing (if you’re IBM). These terms represent the most exciting development currently underway at the cutting edge, not only of marketing, but of sales, service, and business in general. At the same time, they have the power to confuse, to spread anxiety, even to generate outright panic (if you’re Elon Musk).

Here at DMN, we believe that machine learning (if not full-blown, Turing Test-style AI) is already changing the game when it comes to the customer experience. We’ve already seen, first-hand, that even if many brands aren’t yet consciously affected by — let alone planning around — the AI revolution, things are changing fast. Very, very fast.

Developments just over the past couple of years in deep learning, and the ability of computers to process natural languages, recognize images, and juggle unstructured data (including creative assets) at great speed and scale has grown exponentially. If AI isn’t literally going to change our lives tomorrow, maybe think in terms of…next year; certainly by the end of the decade.

This week on DMN, in addition to features on different aspects of AI and machine learning, and their uses, we’ll be running top-level commentary from practitioners and thought-leaders about what these developments mean for all of us.

As always, read and enjoy.

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