Welcome to ABM Week

There truly isn’t anything new about ABM, and the impact it’s having on many — not all — B2B sales and marketing teams. And I don’t just mean ITSMA coined the term ten years ago. I mean that current iterations of ABM, taking advantage of developments in CRM, marketing automation, programmatic advertising, and even AI, are familiar to anyone in the business of selling to target accounts.

Our theme week then is not an introduction to ABM; it’s not ABM for beginners; or even “Should I be doing ABM?” We’re going to assume that any sales and marketing team selling on an account-based model understands at least the basics of ABM, and is probably already doing ABM in some form or another — even if account-matching capabilities are rusty, and personalization isn’t quite there yet.

We’re going to drill down deeper into some of the questions ABM raises for experienced B2B marketers. Does ABM Lite make sense? Is “blended ABM” a realistic option? What does programmatic “one-to-many” ABM look like? Does sentiment analysis have a role to play?

We also have the funniest ABM cartoon you’ll see all week.  Wait until Friday for that.

Are we wrong that ABM is by now widely understood?  Let us know in the comments below. If you do need to start at the beginning, we have you covered.

Article:Understanding ABM

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