WebMiles Offers Reward Program to Financial Institutions, Card Issuers

WebMiles Inc., a customer loyalty company providing free and discounted airline travel rewards, said it will offer its rewards program to financial institutions and credit card issuers.

Jeff Crapo, WebMiles' vice president of business development, said the company tested the program with a few banks to gauge demand.

“But the response was so overwhelming that we decided to make it available to all financial institutions that wanted it,” he said.

WebMiles is close to bringing its first bank on board, Crapo said, but he would not name the bank.

The company said that for financial institutions and credit card issuers that provide their customers with other airline rewards programs, outstanding reward miles can be rolled into the WebMiles program.

WebMiles, Salt Lake City, said in June that it would launch a member acquisition effort in August at 200 shopping malls nationwide. Shoppers will be able to sign up with WebMiles using Internet-based kiosks from CenterlinQ, which already are in the malls. The kiosks, located in high-traffic areas such as food courts, advertise the program and provide account information. Shoppers also will be able to sign up at the malls' customer-service centers or at www.webmiles.com.

WebMiles also said it will market the program through opt-in e-mail newsletters to its 1 million members and to an unspecified number of subscribers to CenterlinQ's e-mail updates. The e-mails, which will go out in early August, will notify consumers about malls that offer the kiosks and will direct them to the WebMiles site or the malls to sign up. Also, the company will send periodic e-mails alerting members to weekly and daily promotions at the malls.

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