Webloyalty Couples Discounts, Purchase Guarantee

Webloyalty.com introduced a new subscription-based program for online retailers to reward shoppers with discounts, rebates and purchase-protection benefits.

Shopper Discounts & Rewards is webloyalty.com's fifth marketing service program. Subscribing customers gain discounts by using the site at shopperdiscountsandrewards.com as the gateway to more than 700 participating online merchants.

The program was timed to launch “because consumers are shopping now,” said Rick Fernandes, CEO of webloyalty.com, Norwalk, CT. “What better way to make retailers and consumers aware of the benefits of our program than right in the midst of this huge buying season.”

Consumers who subscribe to the program automatically become eligible for savings of up to 25 percent and cash rebates from the online merchants. Members also can take advantage of point-of-sale coupon codes. A $10 cash-back reward encourages repeat visits to the retailer's site.

“With our price-guarantee protection on qualifying purchases, if the price goes down at that store within 90 days after their purchase, if they notify us, we'll pay them double the difference,” Fernandes said.

Webloyalty.com also offers extended warranty and product-replacement protection, he said.

Webloyalty.com allows users a 30-day free trial, with immediate access to the secure Web site that gives them the benefits. Once the trial ends, members are charged a $9 monthly fee. They can cancel at any time.

“We don't believe there are any comparable programs in the marketplace,” Fernandes said. “To our knowledge, there are no programs that offer both discounted shopping offers coupled with our purchase-protection guarantee.”

Retailers offering Shopper Discounts & Rewards also benefit, as webloyalty.com compensates them for every consumer who accepts a trial membership. This typically results in a 50-cent to $2 fee per gross transaction.

“Aside from this transaction stream, we generally offer the retailer's customer an incentive to try our program — $10 off a future purchase from this retailer via an e-gift certificate,” Fernandes said.

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