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Web Firms Promote Internet Survey

A major Internet banner advertising campaign encouraging the posting of privacy statements by Web sites began last week in preparation for the Georgetown University Internet Privacy Protection Survey scheduled to begin today. Results of the survey will be used to help the Federal Trade Commission evaluate the online world's ability to regulate itself. Participants are hoping to build upon the consumer education campaign, launched last October by the Privacy Partnership, a group of Internet companies united by the TRUSTe privacy seal program. “The collective voice of the Privacy Partnership will continue to advocate the adoption of fair information practices by industry,” said Susan Scott, executive director of the TRUSTe privacy seal program and organizer of the Privacy Partnership. “We must continue to drive the privacy issue forward. Privacy Partnership founding and supporting companies have committed to run several million impressions of a series of banners that encourage Web publishers to post privacy statements prior to the Georgetown survey. The banners link to an educational Web site (www.truste.org/partners/pub_survey.html) that explains the importance of the Georgetown Web survey and its impact on the future of Internet self-regulation.

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