Web Analytics Pioneer Brett Hurt Starts Company

Coremetrics founder and Shop.org board member Brett Hurt is to introduce Bazaarvoice today, a company targeted at CMOs and e-commerce executives and designed to drive greater business from word of mouth, the oldest form of marketing.

Bazaarvoice, Austin, TX, said it is positioned to help online brands encourage and leverage authentic and credible word of mouth. The company provides outsourced technology and services to let retailers encourage and harness word of mouth and bring it closer to the brand and customer experience. Bazaarvoice is in stealth mode and will launch its first product in Q1 of this year.

“Word of mouth, which drove product decisions in the original bazaars, has a profound impact on business success in the open online market,” said Hurt, president/CEO of Bazaarvoice. “There is a tectonic shift in power from marketing executives to consumers, and companies are struggling to bridge the gap between the democracy of consumer-generated content and the realities of business practice, policies and systems. Bazaarvoice was founded to give online brands the technology, team and processes they need to help customers build their business for them.” Bazaarvoice also will announce today that it secured nearly $4 million in a Series A round led by Austin Ventures.

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