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Weaving the Customer’s Story Into Your Brand Narrative

So often, I like to highlight a particularly creative campaign that I feel can be a paradigm for marketers in any industry.

Last week iconic sneaker brand Converse launched its “Made by You” campaign, which celebrated 100 years of Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. Once worn by an estimated 90% of NBA players on the courts, the favored sneaker enjoys great popularity today, with everyone from cash-strapped millennials to mainstream hip-hop artists touting the cultured kicks.

I’m drawn to this campaign because it’s a great example of how to entangle customers’ personal stories into the brand narrative. Rather than simply creating a promotion that solely honors the sneaker’s centennial, the Nike-owned company instead crafted a campaign with several moving parts: Chuck Taylor murals and art displays across the globe, video ads, and perhaps the most prolific prong, the #ChuckTaylor hashtag, which brand lovers can use to share their personal Chuck stories. Everyone from small-town, underground bands to popular artists are posting Chucks with their individual stories and thoughts, in effect creating a sort of social consortium of Chuck Taylor images.

The campaign has no official end date and allows Chuck lovers to extend the brand’s story with their own. Here you’ll find just few of those fun tweets that I’ve culled from Twitter. They’re personal and poignant, and some are downright quirky and mysterious.

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