WB's Gizmo Is a Click-Through Machine

The WB Television Network has experienced a click-through rate of 26 percent from the WB Insider Gizmo, a rich media e-mail it sent six weeks ago to its online database of 1 million people.

The Insider Gizmo contained news about the network's programs and links to the WB site. To collect additional names, the WB Insider Gizmo could be forwarded to friends or copied to personal Web sites, where others could download it.

“Given that a lot of people who follow our network have personal sites,” said Nancie S. Martin, senior vice president of new media at the WB, “that's also proved to be a very effective way of getting it out there, and that, in turn, perpetuates viral growth.”

No numbers were available, however, on how many names had been added.

The e-mail also included the Gizmoz Collector, which recipients could download onto their desktops. Once downloaded, it would flash to notify recipients of additional news and information about WB shows. Recipients would open the original WB Insider Gizmo to download new information. Only those who installed the Gizmoz Collector on their desktops would receive these updates.

“It shows that we've really succeeded in building this ongoing dialogue with the end-users because a high number of them who've collected [the Gizmo] will take a look at it when the WB updates it,” said David Sokolic, vice president of marketing at Gizmoz, New York, developer of the technology. “One of the problems [the WB] is trying to solve, and I think it's a problem many Web sites have, is to be in front of its customers on a frequent basis.

“Many companies have built these very elaborate Web sites with a lot of very deep content on them, but the fact of the matter is that most of these consumers use 12 to 14 Web sites on a regular basis, and if a company is not in that magic group of Web sites, they're out of whack.”

Martin said the network, which formed a six-month agreement with Gizmo, plans to continue to use the technology.

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