Wayin launches social search engine

Social curation and display tool Wayin has released a self-service social media search engine that improves upon the functionality of the social networks’ native searches.

Wayin’s existing business model is a tool that enables brands to curate social media posts centered around events and product launches, and display them in a user-friendly way on screens.

The product, which starts around $3,000 per month, is a software as a service (SaaS) model. Like Wayin’s existing products, it will enable users to make graphical visualizations of the Tweets on a tiered-pricing basis.

The search engine is intended to be customizable and feature interchangeable terms. Users can track by keyword and then drill down into segments like sex, location, profession, and influence. Wayin fills in this information (for example, Twitter does not ask users what sex they are) through its Knowledge Base, which in turn pulls from Wikipedia and Google’s Freebase (Knowledge Graph).

The search tool pulls Tweets directly from Twitter and results are basically synchronized with Twitter’s, said Wayin CTO Jamey Wood.

The company’s biggest competitor is Spredfast, which acquired longtime competitor Mass Relevance in 2014.

Wood said the biggest issue with most historic social media tracking tools is that you needed to identify the tracking keywords up front and couldn’t change them in mid-stream without suffering fidelity of results.

“Trouble with traditional tracking tools that you have to decide [what you’re tracking] up front and hit a record button,” Wood said. “But if what you’re tracking changes, you have to hit a reset button. That can be limiting because things come up that you didn’t foresee.”

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