Wayin Launches Revamped Campaign App Store for Marketers

Wayin launched a revamped marketing campaign template store, where companies can create private accounts to give internal teams access to ready-to-use apps to reuse in other markets.

The repurposed app store, which has marketing campaign templates in over 40 different categories, will give brands the ability to finalize details of the template design, share campaigns, customize previous campaigns, re-launch campaigns in different parts of the world.

The app store, according to Wayin, would also help brand cut down on “non-working media” costs, or any other costs associated with the creation of advertisement, which currently tallies an estimated 40 to 60% of marketing and advertising budgets.

The private view helps brands better share their campaigns across the organization.

“Most of the time, we hear from brands that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing,” says RIchard Jones, CEO at Wayin, “But with this platform, everyone across the brand to communicate across channels, be better informed, fundamentally creating a far easier time to leverage investment.”

In addition to these communication functions, the app store also provides an inspiration section, where brands and marketers can explore previously executed marketing campaigns by various companies to stimulate ideas.

“The larger pages about each specific campaign provides the user with every bit of information – from the execution, to the statistics, to the success of it,” says  says Jones. “It enables brands to go on a stage-by-stage journey with the campaign to draw inspiration and ideas.”

Wayin is a SaaS platform that enables marketers to create interactive marketing campaigns from templates with applications that include polls, quizzes and landing pages.

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