Waxdigital Embarks on BTB Campaign

Waxdigital, New York, an e-solutions provider, is putting the last of its some 5,000 direct mail pieces into the mail this week as part of the company’s first major business-to-business direct marketing campaign.

The first 1,500 pieces go out this week. Throughout the rest of April and into May it will conduct another three drops totaling 3,000 pieces.

The mailing will target medium- to large-sized corporations falling in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

“The divisions that we will be targeting within each of these corporations will vary,” said Daniel Azoulay, president and COO of waxdigital. “It will all depend on the specific needs of each company.”

IT people, CIOs, CTOs, and those in charge of Web projects will be the ones targeted within those companies, according to Azoulay.

The piece, which was created in-house, is a three-fold, designed to help introduce waxdigital to the marketplace and provide them with a list of text and visual descriptions of the company’s services. Inside is a listing of its mission statement and “vision.” A detailed listing of the solutions and services it provides is also included.

Those who receive it are asked to either call a toll-free number or e-mail the company at [email protected]

Everyone being sent a mail piece is going to receive a follow-up e-mail or call. Those who don’t respond to the piece will be contacted with a follow-up mailing.

Based on some of the testing, waxdigital is expecting a 10-12 percent response rate with the mailing.

Waxdigital is a global provider of e-solutions, specializing in digital business development. Services include Web design for identity and brand enhancement, e-commerce assistance and database technology. Panasonic, AETNA and Universal Records are among some of its clients.

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