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Wasting traffic with poor conversion

Companies need customers, not leads. The reason your business is not as successful as it could be is often because you’re buying names from a vendor. But when a partner’s interests are perfectly aligned with your business, you set each other up for success.

Internet marketing is a two-step forward, one-step back process largely built on trial and error.

Have you ever heard a group of misguided marketers brag about traffic to their site? Savvy marketers talk about what happens to their traffic. Generating traffic is only beginning.

The challenge—and the real leverage in your marketing model strategy—is the rate at which you convert traffic to qualified leads or sales.

1. Understand the intent of your traffic. Site visitors at different stages of the sales cycle will need different content and landing pages with different offers and information.

2. Align the source of the traffic with the destination messaging. Make sure the source and destination content mirror each other in their design and their key messages.

3. Invest in well-designed landing pages. Create relevant incentives and premiums. Be wary of co-registration tactics that dilute your value proposition. If you are drip marketing to a list of existing prospects, consider using personalized landing pages.

4. Allow visitors to convert on their own terms by calling or by using a registration form. Be sure you have a top-notch lead processing infrastructure in place for each response channel.

5. Test. Test. Test. Make sure you test elements on the page like button color, button text (“Submit” versus “See if I qualify”), form position, and people. Depending on your product or service, people can have a major positive impact on your conversion rate. Lastly, throw opinion out the window when testing. No one’s opinion is as important as what makes your customer convert in a result-oriented direct response landing page test.

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