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Washington Post launches online political hub

The Washington Post has launched a new section on its Web site, www.washingtonpost.com, which brings together political stories, videos, facts, statistics and photos from around the Web.

The Political Browser is designed to be a hub for readers interested in politics where they can find the news driving the day’s political discussion, as selected by the Post’s political team.

“We’re not simply aggregating news,” said Jim Brady, executive editor of washingtonpost.com, in a statement. “The Political Browser lets readers form a more personal relationship with our political team and see which stories they find the most insightful, provocative or funny.”

Content will include the scoops most likely to shape the week’s political conversation, the day’s worst campaign fumbles and funniest statements, and a side-by-side presentation of the political commentary from the left and the right of the blogosphere.

In additional to the presidential race, the Political Browser will also cover the top news from the congressional and gubernatorial races across the country, paying close attention to what local media has to say in key districts. The Political Browser will continue through the inauguration and beyond.

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