Warren Group Lengthens Scooter Commercial

The Warren Group, Austin, TX, is introducing a half-hour long-form infomercial for its highly successful 60-second, short-form Scooter Nation commercial. The company also has indicated that it will update the 60-second spot to include a multi-pay scenario before it releases the long form later this quarter.

The campaign originated as a lead generator for client Southern Therapy. With past successes such as the “Beyond the Golden Years” infomercial, Warren CEO Jim Warren realized the direct marketing potential of the scooters almost instantly.

“When I got to know the product, I fell in love with it and I said to the client that, at some point, we had to try to sell the scooters direct,” he said.

Thousands of leads were generated from the first regionally televised spot – and with that impetus, the 60-second “Keeping Up With the Jones’ ” spot was produced and began airing nationally on cable in October.

The spot initially offered the scooters for a one-time-only price and sold two units the first day the short form ran: one for $4,600 and one for just under $3,000. By the time the spot had finished its first run, 20 units had been sold, thousands of new leads had been generated, and the spot was the winner of the Electronic Retailing Association’s 1999 Best Short Form Production under $30,000.

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