Wanted: Inventors and change agents for a competitive industry

Let’s be honest: this is not your father’s world. There is no guaranteed lifetime employment anymore. In order to prolong job security, employees must not only develop innovative ideas, but also execute their vision. The implementation of these ideas adds value to your company while increasing the bottom line.

In addition, a company’s market survival depends on its workers’ ability to be nimble and able to quickly respond to changing market dynamics. This depends on establishing credible relationships based on the value they bring to their clients.

Our clients want data-based perspectives and the ability to develop programs that break through the media to connect with people and engage them in conversation. Employees thrive in work environments where people come together based on shared values, experiences and opportunities.  

We need people who provoke innovative thinking, bring opportunities forward, and develop powerful and scalable solutions. Our employees all work across direct marketing, email marketing, mobile media, video, social media and branding. They act on their creative ideas, find relevant information, and develop useful insights. We hire employees who fit this mold and are willing to work in a fast-paced environment where teammates challenge their thinking. Traditionalists and slackers need not apply.

The marketing industry is fiercely competitive with an unprecedented pace of technology that requires an open mind, and a willingness to take risks and act quickly. Be daring, but maintain your true identity.

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