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Walter Karl to Manage PCH.com Internet Sourced Files

Walter Karl Inc., a Donnelley Company, said Friday that it will manage all of Publishers Clearing House’s PCH.com Internet Sourced files, all with postal and e-mail addresses.

The files include the PCH.com Magazine and Merchandise Buyers file, with 500,000 12-month names and 40,000 on the monthly hotline; and the PCH.com Sweeps Entrants file, with 6 million postal addresses, 4 million e-mail addresses and 325,000 on the monthly hotline.

All of the files will be enhanced with Donnelley demographic and lifestyle data.

Walter Karl, Pearl River, NY, also said it will manage the new PCH.com Online Survey Responders file, with 1.5 million 12-month names and 300,000 on the monthly hotline. Selects on the survey file include: ailments/medications, smoker/non-smoker, music buying interest, life insurance interest and specific reading interests.

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