Walter Karl offers pet owner files

Schaumburg, IL-based Walter Karl Midwest introduced three new-to-market files, Dynamic Dogs, Fabulous Felines and Dynamic Dogs and Fabulous Felines.

The file of pet owners will get offers in the hands of loving “pet parents” who spare no expense when it comes to the care and feeding of their furry family members.

Their tendency to spend much of their disposable income on products and services for their cats and dogs makes these names ideal prospects for many offers including pet supplies and publications, veterinary and grooming services, and carpet and furniture cleaning and repair.

The dog owner file is comprised of 1,241,588 individuals at a base price of $80/M. The cat owner file, comprised of 989,787 individuals, is offered at the same base price. A file comprised of both cat and dog owners is offered at a base price of $70/M.

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