Walter Karl offering business and consumer telephone number and reverse append

List company Walter Karl recently announced that its Combined Operating Bell Registrants New Business and New Mover files are available for housefile telephone number append and reverse append.

These techniques enhance marketers existing databases by seeking matches with COBR data. Matches are available for $30/M

COBR is the nationwide telephone and utility new connect database and include more than 14 million business listings and 120 million consumer listings.

COBR phone numbers include area codes and are updated weekly. Reverse appending provides mailing addresses with the input of a telephone number.

A processing fee is attached to the service: $750 for 500,000 records or less or $1.50/M for more than 500,000 records. Updated houseflies can be received on CD Rom, Diskette, FTP, e-mail, mag type or can be keyed in directly.

Walter Karl, Pearl River, NY, is a division of Donnelley Marketing.

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