Walter Karl Gets Product Buyers File

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Marketing Co., Pearl River, NY, announced yesterday its management of the Smart Inventions Master File of 1.3 million infomercial and Internet-generated buyers.

Smart Inventions buyers purchased products including Turbie Twist Hair Towel, Abronic Ab Exerciser, Pro Trim Paint Roller, Fast White Teeth Whitener, Microfiber Mop, Pasta Premier, Smart Mop, Micro Chef, Quick Chop, Perfect Omelet and Smart Nails.

These buyers are 75 percent female with an average age of 45, average income of $37,000 and average order of $35. Selects include geography, recency, gender, product, age, income, homeowner, presence of children, multi-buyer and lifestyle categories. The base price is $100/M.

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