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Walter Karl Gets Office Depot, Viking Lists

Walter Karl Inc., a Donnelley Company, Pearl River, NY, announced its appointment yesterday as list manager for the Office Depot Master File as well as several other Office Depot files including the Viking Office Products database.

The new-to-market Office Depot Master File has 1.5 million last-12-month buyers. Segments were broken out to form seven other newly available lists. They are:

· Office Depot Business Buyers with 1.2 million last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot Consumer Buyers with 223,800 last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot Furniture Buyers with 871,200 last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot Online Buyers with 842,900 last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot SOHO Buyers with 594,700 last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot General Office Supply Buyers with 1.1 million last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot Technology Buyers with 371,100 last-12-month buyers.

· Office Depot's Viking Office Products Masterfile is also new to Walter Karl's management. The file has 335,300 last-12-month buyers.

Selections on the Office Depot files include geography, recency, gender, job function, job title, number of employees, sales volume, business address, home address, mail-order buyers, online buyers and multi-buyers.

Base prices vary from segment to segment on these files.

Office Depot sells office products through several channels such as retail stores, direct mail, contract delivery, Internet and business-to-business electronic commerce.

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