Walter Karl Debuts Hello Direct Alternative Media Programs

Walter Karl began offering the Hello Direct alternative media programs on Friday.

They include a package insert offering with 300,000 packages annually and a catalog blow-in program of 8 million annually.

Hello Direct, a business-to-business direct marketer of desktop telephony and equipment interface products, reaches both business and home office buyers. Hello Direct buyers are 55 percent male with an age range of 35-65 and an average household income of more than $75,000.

Walter Karl recommends these programs for offers of office supplies, seminars, business and consumer publications, apparel, accessories, credit cards, executive gifts, insurance, books, fundraising, travel and others.

The package insert program has a price of $65/M with a minimum order of 10,000. The blow-in program is $40/M with a minimum order of 25,000.

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