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Walkers Shortbread, Perfumania push sugar and scents for holiday e-mails

Scottish cookie company Walkers Shortbread and fragrance provider Perfumania are using ID Society’s e-mail marketing platform for gift giving e-mail campaigns.

The cookie maker and the perfume retailer are both offering deals around free shipping and discount coupons to grab consumers’ attention during the competitive holiday season.

“So many e-mails are sent out around the holiday season that we encourage our clients to send relevant offers with the offer in the subject line,” said Adam Paul at ID Society, New York. “It is also important that consumers know who the e-mail is coming from just by looking at the subject line.”

Walkers Shortbread sent out a free shipping campaign to elicit holiday sales. The e-mail links to the e-commerce site at www.walkersus.com, where shoppers can choose from an array of holiday gift suggestions. The Walkers’ Assorted Cookie tin for $25 and the Glenfiddich Whiskey Fruitcake Tin for $39 are dressed up in signature Tartan plaid.

Perfumania sent e-mails to its customers offering $5 off coupons for purchases at the e-commerce Web site at www.perfumania.com. The site is full of scented Christmas offerings including Magnetism by Escada at $38 for a set of 1.7oz perfume with a 6.7oz lotion. A Joop for Men by Joop set of 4.2oz eau de toilette and 2.5oz of aftershave goes for $47.

Mr. Paul said though some of ID Society’s clients normally buy e-mail lists, the e-mail firm discourages this behavior during the holiday season. This is a competitive time, and therefore a difficult time to use unknown leads, he said.

He suggested that clients buy lists either early in the season like in October or after the holidays are over.

And when it comes to marketing on key shopping days, Mr. Paul said it is important not just to send marketing messages.

“Cyber Monday is the big buzz word, but I think this day is more about research and consideration than actual purchase, so it is a good time to just send communications,” Mr. Paul said. “For example, if you are a travel site, it is a good time to send out holiday travel tips, etc., just to be in touch with the consumer.”

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