VP of marketing at Capital IQ Seung Bak talks with DMNews

DMNews speaks with Seung Bak, VP of marketing for Capital IQ, about the company’s first integrated marketing campaign.

Q: What made this campaign different from those that Capital IQ had done in the past?

A: This is first time we built an innovative campaign around a mes­sage with online videos, a microsite and banner ads, as well as TV, print and lots of outdoor advertising in Manhattan and parts of Greenwich, CT, where lots of hedge funds are.

Q: Why did you decide that now was the best time to do this type of integrated campaign?

A: The key was to be able to drive lots of interesting stats and figure out ROI and show nice reports, so we built the whole campaign around a microsite called FairorUnfair.com. It shows video testimonials by caricatures of extreme Wall Street personalities, talking about the features they like at Capital IQ. The concept resonated with a lot of people because the characters were based on the industry, so it’s provocative and playful but sticks to the benefit of what we do.

Q: What was your call to action?

A: All the creative pieces we have point people to the microsite; they all say “visit FairorUnfair.com to learn more.” We don’t expect every­one to remember the microsite, so on the Capital IQ site we have a flash piece on the homepage that also directs people to the microsite. On the site, there are the six videos you can click on, and you can share them with people. There’s also a demo of the product itself, and all of this pointed people to the Capital IQ Web site, where they could fill out a form to request a trial.

Q: What’s the timeline for the campaign?

A: It launched September 15, so we’re three or four weeks into it. It will run at least until the middle or the end of the month. Then we will be in evaluation mode on how to expand into different parts of the country and different media as well.

Q: What are some preliminary results?

A: Site traffic is up 50%, and the number of leads we’re getting online has quadrupled. We’ve been in business for some time — we’re not starting from zero — so a 50% jump is better than we expected. In terms of leads coming in, they jumped almost four-fold, and we’ve never seen this many leads in such a short period of time.

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