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Vonage selects TBWAChiatDay and PHD

Telecommunications firm Vonage has selected Omnicom’s TBWAChiatDay New York as its advertising agency and sister agency PHD as its media agency. The two Omnicom agencies will be responsible for all Vonage advertising activities.

The agencies and the brand both declined comments beyond their press release.

“We ran a thorough review and were very pleased with the level of engagement and quality of thinking from everyone that participated,” said Jamie Haenggi, CMO of Vonage, in a statement. “TBWAChiatDay and PHD demonstrated exceptional thought leadership, compelling creative concepts and innovative media approaches. We’re delighted to be working with them going forward.”

Vonage would not confirm which other agencies participated in the review.

In a statement, Jamie Gallo, president of TBWAChiatDay New York, said, “Vonage has a compelling vision for its brand and clearly articulated business plans. We are excited to partner with PHD to deliver strategic and creative ideas that will drive greater growth and results for Vonage.”

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