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Vodafone Sweden Reduces Customer Churn On Siebel Communications 7

CRM software provider Siebel Systems Inc., San Mateo, CA, said yesterday that Vodafone Sweden is using Siebel Communications 7 to reduce customer churn and manage service orders and its retail partners.

Vodafone Sweden is moving from a customer-acquisition to a customer-retention business model for its 1.2 million customers. By uniting customer information across channels — including the Internet, telephone and retail stores — Siebel Communications 7 will let Vodafone Sweden analyze this information in real time. The company will be able to identify high-value customers and customers susceptible to churn.

Vodafone Sweden also will use the real-time information to segment its customer base and upsell and cross-sell services to high-value customers. In addition, the company will offer retention programs to high-value customers and to customers with a propensity for churn.

And Vodafone Sweden will use Siebel Communications 7 to automate the retail channel as the more than 600 Vodafone Sweden-owned and independent retailers across the country will browse product, service and price information; configure mobile communications solutions; generate quotes; and facilitate online orders.

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