VivaKi and BlueKai launch Audience Insights

VivaKi Nerve Center and BlueKai have launched Audience Insights, a software designed to allow marketers to collect customer data online without tagging, said BlueKai CEO Omar Tawakol. The platform was announced on May 22 at the 2012 iMedia Agency Summit in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The software works by taking in data from campaigns on Atlas and Double Click and synching it with the VivaKi Cookie synching process, BlueKai said in a statement. That data is then stored and managed by BlueKai.

“The magic that we’re able to do with the agency uses ad servers, and [we can] infuse data into the campaign without using a tag,” Tawakol said. “We can just take your running media and make it a lot more relevant due to our ability to go through the back end.”

The platform’s goal “is to put data in the context of your running media,” Tawakol said, adding that this allows marketers to easily select and target an audience. The platform is intended to gather both demographic and behavioral information, while keeping the user completely anonymous. “As a strategy, we’re trying to infuse data into how people really work,” he said.

The platform is designed to provide the same level of customer detail as tagging does. “We had to do significant work to make sure that we could go to the most granular level,” he said.

The software took more than a year to develop in conjunction with VivaKi. “Together, we’re able to apply an end-to-end solution,” said Tawakol. “Think of us as a business solutions provider.”

Tawakol did not reveal which companies are using Audience Insights.

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