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Visually now offers analytics for the content created through its platform

Content marketers who use the Visually platform will finally be able to track the performance of their content. The San Francisco based content generation platform now offers analytics for every individual piece of content created using its platform. 

Visually provides content creation services for brands by connecting them with a pool of designers, writers and creatives who can generate proprietary visual content such as branded video, infographics, microsites and animations on demand. Previously, marketers who used Visually could only track the performance of this content through on-site analytics, which is how well that content performed once it was posted on the brand’s website. With the new analytics tool, Visually allows marketers to evaluate the performance of the content off-site as well. This means seeing tracking its popularity through social networks, and embeds on third party blogs and websites.

The new analytics capability is part of an overall new platform offering from Visually called “Campaigns” which automates the process of a client coming to the platform with a brief, connecting with a team of content creators, producing a piece of content, and finally distributing it to a variety of different digital channels. The analytics tool is a way to measure the success of the campaign and tie it into direct returns for the brand.

The analytics tool will be able to identify:

– How many times the content was viewed (both on-site and off-site)

– How many times it was shared (as well as a breakdown of which social channels it was shared on )

– Most popular pickups (sites that embedded the content)

– Most influential sharers of the content

– Referrals coming from social media (also broken down by channel)

– Demographics of the content consumer (age, sex, location)

These analytics are especially useful for B2B marketers who need to identify the people consuming their content. With demographic and social media information, they can make sure the right people are digesting the content, as well as capture potential sales leads. 

As a standalone offering, this will be a welcome feature to most Visually clients. However the analytics are limited in the sense that they cannot be exported or shared with other marketing platforms a client may be using. For example, these content analytics can’t be integrated with Adobe Analytics, feeding into a single content performance view. Furthermore, the analytics only provide basic performance metrics, such as page views and social shares. There’s no capability of tracking specific calls-to-action such as downloads or email signups. 

However, Visually says it is working on building out both integration and call-to-action tracking capabilities for the platform. For now, it partners with content management and delivery systems such as Percolate and Contently, which in turn build out their own integration capabilities with other analytics tools marketers may be using.

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