Visitor Profiles Boost Conversions for Roxio

Roxio, a digital media software division of Sonic Solutions, is using Kefta Inc. to build individual profiles for every visitor to based on various factors to deliver relevant promotions and offers at key points in the purchase cycle.

These variables include the referral source, connection speed, geographic location, native language and purchase history of the visitor. Through Kefta, Roxio can combine these profiles with business rules specific to its marketing objectives.

“Roxio is using Kefta’s software to increase the number of registered users who upgrade to more powerful software,” said Philippe Suchet, CEO of Kefta, San Francisco.

“Kefta is able to deliver personal e-mails within 10 minutes of a visitor’s registration, as well as a targeted landing page for that individual,” he said. “For example, a user on a dial-up connection is offered free overnight shipping instead of a download option.”

Roxio offers software for CD and DVD burning and photo and video editing. The Santa Clara, CA, company has an installed base of 150 million users worldwide.

Kefta works by triggering extra-site tools to improve conversion rates. These include layers, pop-ups and e-mails. For example, discounts are offered to shoppers who sit idle on key shopping cart pages in order to advance the sale. Shoppers with limited time are sent a targeted follow-up e-mail at a later date based on their profile and shopping behavior.

Roxio claims improvement in conversions from personalized e-mails and landing pages, leading to higher online revenue. Kefta also has helped Roxio achieve a double-digit increase in site conversions, though numbers were not disclosed.

Roxio is using Kefta to address challenges common to e-commerce companies: improving their site conversions and efficiently upselling the large installed base.

“Kefta’s advanced profiling and targeting capabilities enable Roxio to provide our customers with highly relevant offers in real time, from first click through final sale,” said Michael Roehricht, director of e-business at Roxio.

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