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Viral for 1 day only: Watch this this inspirational Guinness ad featuring 2 Olympian sisters

Although it didn’t happen by design, Guinness may have created the first “Snapchat” style commercial.

This advertisement, features the incredible story of Olympic athletes and twin sisters Tracy and Lanny Barnes. The sisters are biathletes who were both trying out for a spot on the US Olympic team. However Lanny fell ill and was unable to qualify, In an incredible gesture, Tracy gave up her spot on the team so that Lanny could go.

Guinness used this truly inspirational story to represent its “Made of More” campaign. the ad, made by BBDO in New York, has the distinction of only being able to run today, since the Olympic committee bans athletes from appearing in ads for non-official sponsors during the event. 

Speaking to AdAge, Guinness spokesman Jim Sias said “We are not doing this as a guerilla marketing tactic to ride the wave of the Olympics.” He added.”This is just a really powerful, inspirational story that we think really aligns with the DNA of what the Guinness brand is.”

Watch the ad before it vanishes here:

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