The Secret Weapon of Remarkable ABM Programs

Find out how video can take your ABM programs from zero to hero!

You’re excited to get moving on an account-based strategy but some very tough questions remain. Will you create ABM campaigns that are lackluster, or will you develop mind-blowing programs that make prospects really want to do business with you? Will you treat ABM as a demand gen tactic, or as a strategic imperative across your entire marketing and sales teams? Join marketing and ABM experts to find out how you can overcome the challenges of ‘information overload’ and ‘attention scarcity’ to deliver all-star ABM campaigns!

You’ll walk away with practical tips to:

• Launch your first successful ABM video campaign
• Use creative video content to ramp up the revenue of your ABM programs
• Increase connect rates on outbound prospecting by up to 500% (yes, really!)
• Implement ABM strategies at scale

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