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Vidyard can now feed video viewer analytics into Salesforce’s Pardot for lead nurturing

Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation platform Pardot now has access to the video viewing habits of potential customers.

Ontario-based video marketing platform Vidyard will track and analyze the performance of branded video content, as well as the behavior of customers interacting with them. Through an integration between the two platforms, this information will be fed into Pardot’s lead scoring and sales nurturing program, allowing video to become an additional source of consumer insights for the marketing team.

“Vidyard is now providing the industry’s first comprehensive video solution for Salesforce Pardot customers, enabling video as a strategic driver for marketing automation, sales enablement and enterprise collaboration,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard.

Video has long been regarded as one of the most effective tools for engagement, especially for technical B2B focused products. But till now, the lead-capturing mechanisms from video viewing have been limited to gating the video through form logins, or call-to-action links. By directly tracking the browsing and watching habits of the viewer, Vidyard can provide relevant information on how to nurture them for a sale. In addition, it will provide performance metrics on the different types of videos, tracking their average viewing times, social shares and overall engagement.

The customer data gained from Vidyard can be used to update Pardot and Salesforce CRM activity logs within customer profiles. On the basis of this activity, nurture campaigns can be automatically triggered, reducing the guesswork of the marketer.

Vidyard will now be available through Salesforce’s App Exchange, a repository of apps and solutions that can integrate with Salesforce’s Exact Target Marketing Cloud, as well as Salesforce’s Chatter and CRM platforms.

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