Video Views on Smartphones to Increase 14 Percent in 2015


The popularity of video in all digital channels will continue to soar next year, led by a 14% increase in viewing on smartphones, according to predictions for digital media usage in 2015 released this week by eMarketer.

People watching on mobile phones will comprise just over half of the 204 million Americans who will engage in digital video viewing next year, according to the research company. Also expected to show growth in the mobile sphere will be tablet users who make purchases on the device. Their numbers will swell by nearly 12% to 98 million people. Fully 72% of tablet users will buy online in 2015, the company predicts.

While Instagram users will grow 15% to 60 million and Twitter-ites will increase by 9% to 53 million, Facebook will continue to dominate social networking. About 180 million people will be mingling online in 2015, and 157 million of them will drop in at Mark Zuckerberg’s place.

More social networking will take place on the move next year, with a close to 10% increase expected by eMarketer in both mobile networkers overall (150 million) and mobile Facebookers exclusively (123 million).

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