Video: PayPal partners with an adorable Instagram celebrity to raise money for animal shelters

It’s not just humans making it big on social media, here’s a French bulldog who’s becoming a bonafide digital influencer.

Online payments service PayPal is partnering with one of the most famous dogs on Instagram to raise money for two animal shelters.  Trotter Pup is an impossibly photogenic French bulldog who has over 170,000 Instagram followers and has been featured in news outlets such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. Her claim to fame is her willingness to pose in all sorts of outfits, creating a cuteness overload that is taking Instagram by storm. And brands are taking notice.

Through her owner, and primary photographer Sonya Yu, Trotter Pup has already partnered with several different brands including PayPal to appear in their digital or social media campaigns.

This latest effort from PayPal highlights how people can donate to two San Francisco based animal shelters, Muttville and the Northern California Family Dog Rescue. By taking pictures with Trotter Pup, the campaign hopes to create more awareness and get more dogs adopted.

PayPal has set up a donations portal for the animal shelters on its own site here

Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot with Trotter Pup and an interview with her owner, photographer and former digital marketer Sonya Yu.

It’ll be the most adorable thing you watch all day. 

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