Video Desires Vary by Country

Marketers around the globe share many similar concerns about the fate of Internet video. They agree that standard metrics need to be adopted, for instance, and they worry about the advance of ad blocking and the fragmentation of video technology. But a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that video advertisers in different countries have different needs and attitudes.

Consider these variations in just the NAFTA nations in “The State of the Digital Video World 2015,” a survey that involved 19 IAB affiliates worldwide. Advertisers in the United States and Canada showed little enthusiasm for live-streaming video. Both countries rated it a 2 on an importance scale of 5 and both reserved their highest regard for premium on-demand video. Go south to Mexico, however, and live video and user-generated content won 5’s.

Programmatic buying’s popularity as a digital video monetization strategy was shown to be in flux on the continent. Mexico assigned the method high importance with a 5, Canada not so much with a 4, and the U.S. perched on the fence with a 3. (Though the Americans allowed that programmatic will be a bigger factor this year.) Advertisers in the states still preferred to buy direct, and what they liked to buy most to maximize their returns were in-banner/interstitial and in-stream video ads.

There are some interesting contrasts to the North American scene across the globe. In Denmark, for instance, on-demand video was ascribed the lowest level of importance and programmatic buying was put on par with direct buying at a medium level of significance. In France, user-generated video was more highly prized than on-demand or live streaming, and the same held true in Italy.

Turning to the east and South Korea, UGC dimmed in importance behind on-demand and live. That hierarchy was reversed in Singapore, where amateur videos rated a 5 and both of the remaining video categories merited 4’s.

In Russia, where video is still a nascent marketing channel with 2014 ad expenditures of $71.5 million (see full list below), marketers take videos any way they can get them. Ad networks, direct buys, and programmatic all rated 4’s for importance in Putin Land. Also, unlike nearly every country in the survey, where mobile has begun to take the lead as a video delivery vehicle, laptops and desktops still ruled in Russia.

“An abundance of innovative programming is jump-starting digital video into an international phenomenon. And, if marketers, agencies, and publishers want to take full advantage, they’ll need a wealth of international and regional insights,” said Anna Bager, the IAB’s SVP of mobile and video.


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