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Victoria Secret gives its customers model advice

Victoria’s Secret wants to help it customers get the body of an Angel. With the help of Iris Mobile Corporation’s Rich Media Messaging Software, the lingerie brand launched its first nationwide mobile messaging campaign to promote its VSX Sexy Sport line with the “Train Like An Angel” video series.

Those with less-than-perfect abs can watch the famed “Angel” models sculpt and tone their bodies along with the Angels’ trainer, Justin Gelband, and several workout partners, including FitSugar’s Associate Editor Hannah Weil, Shape.com Editor Amanda Junker, and Fashionista.com’s Editorial Assistant Nora Crotty. The series consists of eight challenges as the Angels and their Facebook fans count down to the December 4 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. What perfect timing: right after everyone has stuffed their faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

The Rich Media Messaging platform allows consumers to view the video series on any mobile device or carrier—so they won’t miss a single “runway butt” or “jet set” routine. Consumers can choose to receive the videos, weekly workout tips, exercise reminders, and challenge notifications by liking the campaign’s Facebook page and providing their mobile number. Lingerie lovers can also provide their email addresses to stay up to date on all things Victoria Secret and VSX.

I have to admit: If I had to grade this campaign, I would give it double-As. Train Like an Angel incorporates all of the training essentials. From playing the challenge how-to videos, to receiving the workout reminders, to listening to the Train Like An Angel Spotify Playlists, the campaign really thinks through the entire workout process.

And who knew that Angels were so socially savvy? Not only does the campaign drive Facebook likes, but it encourages AITs (Angels in Training) to tweet their fitness stories and tips under the hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel. Plus, followers can read exclusive workout reviews posted by the FitSugar, Shape.com, and Fashionista.com editors. And if you’re not afraid to show a little skin while pumping iron, you can visit the Victoria Secret e-commerce site posted at the bottom of the Facebook page along with the store locators button.

The campaign flows seamlessly from social to mobile to e-commerce, even to email, and the videos and playlists provide consumers with a real value for free (along with a sense of guilt if you’re still on the couch).

So make sure to think of those skinny, toned Angels before you ask for seconds of Grandma’s green bean casserole this Thanksgiving.

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