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Vibes Revs Up Mobile Loyalty Programs

Mobile marketing technology company Vibes released an update to its mobile Wallet Manager solution today. The new Wallet Manager is designed to enable brands to bring their loyalty programs to mobile.

“Retailers are really starting to invest in loyalty programs, but people aren’t engaging with the programs because they don’t understand how to gain points or they leave the card at home,” says Julie Novack, SVP of sales and services at Vibes. “We’re excited about mobilizing these loyalty programs through [Apple] Passbook and Google Wallet.”

 Prior to this release, Wallet Manager functioned as a tool that allowed marketers to deliver dynamic offers based on customer interaction, location, and time of day. With the added support of loyalty programs, customers can access benefits, such as the coupon or points of the loyalty programs they belong to, without physical loyalty cards. Additionally, marketers now can send real-time updates and location-based reminders to their company’s loyalty customers. 

“[This update] is good for marketers because they can drive foot traffic,” Novack says, “and also good for consumers because it can remind them of the value they have through their membership.”

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