Vertis Acquires Multicultural Software license

Vertis announced yesterday it has acquired an Ethnic Technologies' E-Tech encoding software license. The software will support the Baltimore, MD-based direct mail firm's Integrated Data Solutions programs.

With the E-Tech software platform, Vertis will have the ability to quickly and accurately encode ethnicity, language preference, country of origin, and gender on both consumer and business lists, which will enable Vertis to better tailor to its clients' direct marketing needs, ensuring each message reaches its intended audience.

“E-Tech enables us to accurately segment our clients' customer files and acquire ethnic prospect lists,” said Art Hall, national director, Integrated Data Solutions for Vertis. “By using E-Tech software in conjunction with Vertis' Hispanic marketing vehicles [such as Alcance] and other multicultural solutions, we will be able to further penetrate the ever-growing ethnic marketing arena.”

The newly acquired E-Tech license is a system that applies computer rules to first names, surnames, surname prefixes and suffixes, geographic criteria and other system rules in a specific order to identify the ethnic, religious and language preferences of a consumer.

E-Tech gives Vertis a significant advantage over systems based purely on surnames, or append services that match against national pre-coded and geo-coded lists. With E-Tech, Vertis can conduct a comprehensive analysis process, resulting in both a higher matching percentage and a higher degree of accuracy when reaching out to different demographics.

The E-Tech encoding software also provides larger mailing universes than traditional direct response lists.

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