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VerifyEmailAddress.org releases tool to verify bulk emails

VerifyEmailAddress.org has launched BulkEmailVerifier.com, a dedicated product that allows businesses to verify emails in bulk, said Matthew Dixon, chief project officer at Germany-based media solutions provider Paul Internet, which owns VerifyEmailAddress. The BulkEmailVerifier tool was designed for companies with email databases of customer information.

Traditional email verification is performed through downloadable software programs that send pings to email servers, Dixon said. This can cause discrepancies in authenticating emails, or it can blacklist the user’s IP address.

“We like to consider that we re-invented the process with an online service that requires no risk to the user or our servers by testing through the three levels mentioned,” Dixon said.

BulkEmailVerifier customers can upload emails through the company’s site without downloading any software. Emails are verified through a three step process: first it verifies whether the email address is in the proper format (i.e. [email protected]); second, the service pings the domain name; finally the service checks whether the local part of the email address is valid to the associated domain.

Dixon added that BulkEmailVerifier can verify about 500,000 emails a day at the rate of 100,000 per hour. VerifyEmailAddress emphasized BulkEmailVerifier’s ease-of-use, claiming in a statement the product interface resembles a desktop spreadsheet.

BulkEmailVerifier launched the service with two undisclosed customers: a PC manufacturer and a gaming company. It aims to attract about five ongoing clients a week, and hopes to have about 200 customers by the end of the year. 

The company offers four price packages varying in price depending on the number of daily and monthly emails verified. They range from $99 to $389 a month, with a two month minimum subscription.

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