Vendaria Announces Streaming Video Ad Services

Vendaria Inc. announced a service last week that entails all production aspects needed to complete a 1-minute-long-or-shorter Internet-ready video advertisement.

In the service, videos are customized for each product offering to let Web viewers see the basic look and usability of an item. However, the videos also can be designed elaborately to work like store demonstrations or television commercials.

Vendaria's software reads users' bandwidth and multimedia capabilities so videos are automatically offered in the right speed and media player. To download the files, however, viewers will be required to have a modem speed of at least 36K.

In addition, the media player contains a “buy” button, enabling the viewer to make immediate purchases.

As part of its services package, Vendaria also offers real-time reporting. For instance, the firm offers statistics on how many people are choosing to view the videos, how long they watch them, whether they rewind the videos and what they do at the site after seeing them.

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