Vendare Concentrates on Targeting With InFocus

Vendare Media Corp., an online ad network majority-owned by Idealab, is evangelizing more targeted advertising.

The company’s InFocus offering, part of a rebranding effort to coincide with ad:tech New York, includes four targeting products: InReach for demographic, InContext for contextual, InProfile for behavioral and InZone for local.

“We’re moving past simply mass targeting on a run-of-network basis and moving toward an all-encompassed targeting approach that includes the likes of demographic, local, contextual and behavioral,” said Adam Glantz, Vendare’s New York-based director of product development for Web publishing.

Vendare is the third-largest online ad network by reach after and Fastclick, according to comScore Media Metrix. The InFocus suite is a step up from Vendare’s previous offerings: Traffic Marketplace.

InFocus lets advertisers target messages across Vendare’s ad network of 2,000-plus publisher sites to relevant audiences for branding or direct marketing reasons.

For example, InReach uses Vendare’s optimization technology to push display ads to the desired demographic across 90 million unique users a month. Advertisers can manage the reach and frequency as well as segment campaigns by time of day or connection speed.

InContext helps serve ads alongside content relevant to the advertiser’s product offering. Users can allocate impressions to channels with a major concentration of the desired audience. More than 100 categories and subcategories are available.

Advertisers using InProfile can deliver targeted messages and creative to resonate with each segment sought. They can upsell or cross-sell to previous customers, offer promotions based on purchase history or convert prospects.

InZone gives advertisers the flexibility to target ads geographically with IP or registration data. Users can deliver ads by country, state, city or metropolitan area. They can segment national campaigns by region and also customize creative and landing pages by location.

To underscore its commitment to targeted display advertising, Vendare is promoting a “Vote for Targeting” sweepstakes where visitors can vote at or at the company’s booth at ad:tech New York. The top prize is a trip for two to Hawaii.

Vendare is compensated mainly on a CPM basis for use of its InFocus suite.

“We’ve been monitoring the industry closely to understand what were the targeting solutions that were performing for clients,” Glantz said. “It was our intention to make known to clients that we not only had these capabilities inhouse at no additional cost to them, but it’s an approach with our InFocus suite to let it all work together to deliver results at scalable levels.”

Vendare has clients in industries like travel, healthcare, entertainment and telecommunications, particularly DSL and VoIP. Netflix is a longstanding customer, using Vendare’s Web publisher network to deliver ads.

“We’d like to get more penetration in entertainment,” said Eric Forst, vice president of marketing at Vendare’s headquarters in El Segundo, CA.

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