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Vehix.com increases online performance using Omniture

Vehix.com, a national online automotive portal, has selected Omniture SiteCatalyst from Omniture Inc., an online business optimization software firm, to optimize its online visitor experience.
Salt lake City, UT-based Vehix.com launched in 1996 as an online automotive portal designed to facilitate the research and purchase processes for consumers. Vehix.com provides objective third-party information along with research tools, and provides a platform for both private and professional automotive sellers to showcase their vehicles to a national audience.
With the solution, Vehix.com said it can move beyond basic analysis into a deeper understanding of how visitors interact with its Web site, as well as where visitors are falling out and how to enhance site performance. For example, after deploying the Omniture solution, the company increased video viewing conversion by 65 percent in two days by identifying a link on the home page that was driving traffic away from the intended path.
According to the company, the executive management team accesses reports generated by solutions from Orem, UT-based Omniture on a daily basis in order to make more informed, strategic business decisions, and the company has already made adjustments and tweaks to its Web site design based on the information in SiteCatalyst reports.
For example, after the company identified a link on their home page that appeared to be driving traffic away from their intended path, they modified the content and saw conversion increase by 65 percent in two days.
Prior to implementing Omniture solutions, Vehix.com was manually processing log file data-a process that required a lot of time and resources. Vehix.com said that with Omniture’s intuitive, real-time Web analytics solution, everyone at the company is empowered with the ability to run custom reports on specific metrics they are responsible for monitoring-no one spends time asking the development team for detailed information only a few people know how to find.

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