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VDP lifts ROI

As market dynamics evolve, printers are offering new services, including direct mail and collateral fulfillment, as part of a larger strategy. While the idea of one-stop shopping appeals, there are distinct advantages to working with fulfillment specialists, namely intergrations of variable digital printing (VDP), which customizes offers based on collected customer information.

Traditional offset printers are experts at getting items printed perfectly in a short amount of time. Typically, they focus on printing high volumes of the same piece. Printers invest in equipment that ensures excellent throughput and output. They often offer fulfillment as an adjunct function.

Fulfillment vendors store and fulfill a large number of different printed items to many different recipients. They invest in effective and efficient ordering and management processes and systems.

The integration of fulfillment data with the ability to customize and produce collateral makes these providers ideal partners in marketing effectiveness.

According to a Rochester Institute of Technology study, customizing content raises response rates more than 500 percent. It cuts through the clutter of mass marketing, captures a prospect’s interest and encourages action.

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